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I am loving your website and all of your beautiful outfit ideas!
Thanks for all you do! I just found your website a couple of weeks ago 🙂


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Your Questions On What To Wear End Today

Color Style GuidesImagine shopping with confidence because you're able to combine different pieces of clothes like a professional stylist... designing a stunning outfit that makes you simply GLOW.It's easy to shop for a top in a color from your color palette... wear it with jeans and you're done! And that's OK some of the time...

But what about all those times when you want to dress BETTER than a top and jeans? How would it feel to dress everyday looking like a professional stylist pulled you together?

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Your Deserve To Feel Beautiful All the Time

It's easy to dismiss not needing a perfectly styled outfit... but you DESERVE to look and feel beautiful everyday. It's not like it takes anymore time to add one accessory that will set you apart and have people wondering what you've done differently.This is what inspired me to create these style guides. Once you know your color type or season... I want you to be able to know HOW to use your color palette as your secret weapon.

My name is Jen Thoden and I am the founder of the proprietary color system Your Color Style. I'm a certified personal stylist and color consultant. My passion is color and I LOVE transforming women from drab and tired... to stunning and glowing. I've seen it over and over again.

Not only do my clients look 100% better in their perfect colors... they stand different... they walk different... they feel good... they transform into a woman with confidence and style.

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New Color Style Guides Every Month

Some of the older style guides here focus on outfit ideas in your best colors... for any general season. And that's great... but I realized that the trends and colors change from season to season.So, it is my mission to make sure that you are armed and dangerous with the latest color trends. If you see that bright orange is a trend this season... you can be sure that you'll be seeing a style guide that shows you how to wear that trending color for YOUR color type and with YOUR color palette.

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Thousands of Unique Outfit Ideas In Your Best Colors

Once you learn how to use your color wheel and combine colors like a professional stylist... you'll have the confidence to shop, dress and try new looks. You're going to have so much fun combining unique color combinations and pieces of clothing... that you'll find a dozen ways to wear just one top. It's like the door of your imagination is finally unlocked!And that sweater you never wear... because you have nothing to wear it with... may become your favorite piece of clothing!

PLUS... you'll discover your friends and family asking you to help them with their colors. How fun is that?!
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Imagine All The Complements You'll Receive

A professionally styled outfit in your perfect colors can make all the difference in a day. You feel beautiful... you walk with more confidence... you'll love looking in the mirror... you'll smile... you will literally GLOW!

Frequently Asked Questions

key stage 3 english creative writing Q. Will I get charged when I create my free account?
A. No. The free account gives you access to see the entire library of style guides. You'll be able to read details on what each one is about and get to see the MANY style guides you'll want to download.

ucr creative writing program Q. Can I download my style guides with a free account?
A. The free account level is a "preview only" membership. You'll want to upgrade your account to download any and all of the style guides.

forgot to do my math homework Q. Will I be auto-billed every month?
A. Yes. This is a subscription and Paypal will charge you automatically each month $7. This subscription will give you access to my entire library of style guides plus all new style guides each month.

johns hopkins creative writing program Q. What else do I get?
A. Surprise! You'll get an exclusive $5 off coupon for a Your Color Style color fan.

sccc creative writing festival Q. How do I cancel my membership?
A. You can cancel at anytime. Go to My Account and click the Unsubscribe button.

creative writing aos Q. How do I know my color type or season?
A. There are several ways you can learn your color type:

  1. [FREE] Take the creative writing jobs tampa fl online color analysis quiz
  2. [FREE] Download my free e-book " write my paper for me fast What Colors Look Good On Me?"
  3. [$67] best website write essays online Join the Color Style Club where you will have access to DIY Color Analysis tools
  4. [$297] creative writing exercises fun Sign up for a Professional Online Color Analysis. Within 3-5 business days, you'll know your colors and you can finally stop guessing. PLUS you get access to the Color Style Club for FREE. PLUS, you get your color fan for FREE shipped to you anywhere in the world!

Q. What color type am I if I already know my season?
Although, it’s not a perfect fit, I’ve listed below what color type you will LIKELY be in the Your Color Style™ system based on your current season. I hope this helps.

You are BRIGHT and WARM if your season is:

  • Light Spring (aka Tinted)
  • Clear Spring (aka Pure)
  • Warm Spring (aka Shaded)
  • Warm Autumn (aka Pure)
  • Deep Autumn (aka Shaded)

You are BRIGHT and COOL if your season is:

  • Light Summer (aka Tinted)
  • Cool Summer (aka Pure)
  • Clear Winter (aka Pure)
  • Cool Winter (aka Tinted)
  • Deep Winter (aka Shaded)

You are SOFT and WARM if your season is:

  • Soft Autumn (aka Tinted or Toned)
  • Soft Spring (aka Toned)

You are SOFT and COOL if your season is:

  • Soft Summer (aka Toned or Shaded)
  • Soft Winter (aka Toned)

Click here to learn more about Your Color Style ™

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